Wednesday, 7 November 2007

GetFoodOnline - an online food extravaganza

At the start of the year, when ordering food for a large group from my local takeaway restaurant and having them muff it up completely, I found myself wishing I could have ordered online.

There there would be no confusion about the order, and a large group could take it in turns to place their order at their leisure. Much less prone to error.

A couple of businesses exist that pertain to do something similar but I wanted to go a step further. Most takeaways dont even have a website. I wanted to be able to make a cookie-cutter site with configurable areas of the page, a simple tool to input the menu, and therefore hand control over entirely to the takeaway owner.

The sites would have contact details, pictures, opening times, full menu details, food images - everything. All built dynamically from a configuration designed by the owner.

GetFoodOnline was the result. Over the coming weeks I will talk through the process I used to get the site up and running, and where it is now.

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